This page contains some details about my professional background and interests.

  • PhD in applied mathematics
  • MsC in mathematics
  • BsC in computational and applied mathematics
  • Data Scientist at 2RP Net | 2022-actual
  • Data Scientist at Facti | 2019-2022
  • Scientific researcher at UNICAMP | 2015-2019
  • Scientific researcher at UFPE | 2013-2015
  • Scientific researcher at UNICAMP | 2008-2012
Marcelo Santos Carielo
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Works on machine learning, biomathematics, and personal experiments.

Some mini-apps in prod


Development of predictive modeling with machine learning and statistics, using tools based-on Python and R. Also has experience with scientific research, lectures, and a pinch of Python dev with Flask, Django and Docker.


  • 2021 - Honorable mention for ranking 2° in the 50th Brazilian Congress of Agricultural Engineering (CONBEA 2021) with the work: "Modelagem Preditiva com Aprendizagem de Máquina para a Produção de Café dos Munícipios de Minas Gerais" (download)
  • 2018 - Finalist in the 7th Conference on Applied Geometric Algebras in Computer Science and Engineering (AGACSE 2018)

  • Research

    Has published scientific articles in specialized journals and received awards at conferences.

    Machine Learning

    Development of real solution with machine learning models using clustering (k-Means, DBScan, Gaussian Mixture), time series (LSTM, GRU), natural language processing (topic segmentation, chatbots, LLMs), and computer vision (YOLO, Resnet).


    Development of interactive graphs with frameworks based-on Java Script.

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    May 2024, Brazil

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